Photo-graphies et un peu plus…

“Sur une branche, perchée avec…”, un rendez-vous quotidien avec un membre de l’échomunauté… Petit échange avec Ralf Beisel.

What is the role of photography in your life? Unfortunately not the role I want it to be. In cause of less time I can’t take not that much pics I would like to make.

What is the story of your picture (Bay of Rio, G6-230)? The beach: This is the place where I do make sport every day. It’s the beach of Flemenco, 5 minutes away from my penthouse. The Jesus beind the skyline of Flamenco: When I sit on the terrace, this is exactly what I see all day & night. I also wanted to use my new lens (1.8f).

What kind of association of ideas led you to this picture? I love to shoot against the sun & I wanted to use my new lens  ;-)

Dans la foulée, c’est Sarah Marty qui se pose sur la branche…

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