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For those who don’t know yet what is Objectif3280…


Objectif3280 is a worldwide photographic, participative project, online, in real time but limited, where, every picture, generation after generation, is linked to another through the idea. Poetic and playful, Objectif3280 invites us, all ages and types of photo enthusiasts, to share our imagination while composing unique stories together and then to create a beautiful echo-photographic tree ! That’s it…


Encouraged by the success of the first tree editions, Lou Camino and Coralie Vincent launch the 4th edition of Objectif3280 on Saturday, 17th January. It will end on Saturday, 14th February (Do not hesitate to postpone your Saint-Valentin’s date to fully live this final day…). A month of photographic hype marked by 7 key steps : the passages from a generation to another !


On the brand new and trilingual website dedicated to this unique project in the world (well, if you have other examples, please, let us know !):


Anyone with a brain, likely to make associations of ideas while looking at a picture, having pictures – film, digital, no discrimination! – and a computer connected to the Internet can participate. Well, has to participate!


By going on the Objectif3280’s website and following the instructions ! Everyone agrees on one point : « it is super easy once you have understood how it works ! ». Anyway, don’t worry, it is quite instinctive! In fact, at the end of each edition, we keep an eye on making the interface more ergonomic and pleasant!


Objectif3280: there have already been 3 editions; 544 participants (the northernmost one from Svalbard, the southernmost one from Kerguelen Islands!); 45 countries represented; 4 122 echoes sent, 2 163 photopoemes composed; families over 3 generations…

In short, Objectif3280 is an artistic project:

  • Utopian : create a poetic and photographic work of art with strangers on the basis of association of ideas
  • Viral : believe it or not, some participants told me they had set their alarm clock at 6am to make sure they had a room in the very early generations (as they are few, they are highly coveted)! Can you imagine?
  • Generous: calling on group action without drawing attention in any way to the individual. Because individualism, like selfies, is « has been », whereas creating together is far more exhilarating!
  • Gourmet: for each photo posted by an individual, three more can imagine a follow on, thus opening the scope of possibilities while illustrating the rich diversity of points of views! That is what we call an exponential project!
  • Intergenerational : this is the very essence of Objectif3280 which resonates with the participants, from 9 to 75 years old, among them, several families over 3 generations.
  • Crazy : you have to be a little bit mad to wish to collect 3 280 pictures in 30 days and as much as beautiful stories! So, one word, share, share, share in order that Objectif3280 resonates ever further around the globe!


Provisional timetable (opening dates of the 8 generations, maximum number of echoes per generation and maximum number of echoes per participant)


If generations are complete, the tree will hold 3280 pictures, hence the name of the projet!


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I start with sending him some questions by email. The meeting was so fast. I did not really have the time to question him correctly, that is to say, to remember all he was telling me… He answers that he has just presented his last book in a major bookstore and spoke about « poïetic ». A new word… Its definition? « Poïetic is the study of the process of creation and the link between the author and his work. » That sounds good: going around the artist at work in order to grasp a bit of the creation’s mystery is one of the reasons why I came, one hour late, in his Brooklyn’s studio, in New York that 2nd of January. He? Gilles Rieu. A painter whose accent has a rousing rhythm. From Toulouse, France. (…)

Around Gilles is the english version of « Autour de Gilles » that francophones can still read there. A new photographic story in 24 panels about my visit to the artist Gilles Rieu! Thanks to Natalie Peart for her help on this translation.

To see other stories: Otages de la nuit, Le tour du Cartier and La chute du mythe de Times Square (in french sorry).

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