Photo-graphies et un peu plus…

I start with sending him some questions by email. The meeting was so fast. I did not really have the time to question him correctly, that is to say, to remember all he was telling me… He answers that he has just presented his last book in a major bookstore and spoke about « poïetic ». A new word… Its definition? « Poïetic is the study of the process of creation and the link between the author and his work. » That sounds good: going around the artist at work in order to grasp a bit of the creation’s mystery is one of the reasons why I came, one hour late, in his Brooklyn’s studio, in New York that 2nd of January. He? Gilles Rieu. A painter whose accent has a rousing rhythm. From Toulouse, France. (…)

Around Gilles is the english version of « Autour de Gilles » that francophones can still read there. A new photographic story in 24 panels about my visit to the artist Gilles Rieu! Thanks to Natalie Peart for her help on this translation.

To see other stories: Otages de la nuit, Le tour du Cartier and La chute du mythe de Times Square (in french sorry).

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